The Viper
Click here to add text.This realistic looking Viper cane is created from Cocobolo wood.  The cane also has a pipe built into the snake's head and the bowl is concealed by a wooden and brass cover on the head.
Bear Cane
Click here to add text.This humble looking bear is made of Quartersawn Oak. The cane is three sectional and connects using brass couplers.  The cane also features a custom wrapped leather grip and real bear teeth permanently attached to the cane.
Click here to add text.Eve's Apple
ClicPeace Cane
Click here to add textGavel Cane
This cane is made of Permisson wood and displays several woman in various positions around the cane. The ornate detail of the woman is excellent and there is also a snake that wraps around the cane and an eaten apple at the top.
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xt.This peace cane is made of a Diamond Willow branch. The cane has a bonish style handle with a skull below. It also has a carved arrow, string, and feathers hanging below.
This gavel handle cane was created for a judge and is made of Black Oak Burl.  The cane also has two scrolls on each side. It also displays books and two crossed rings.
Cottton Mouth Snake
This Cotton Mouth Snake is made of  Cocobolo Wood and is a three sectional cane with a custom carved foot.  The precise detail shows off the scales of the snake and the slight curve is perfectly aligned with the cane's shaft. The cane's texture is dynamic and the ornate detail makes the snake appear realistic.
Porky Pig
This Porky Pig cane is one of two canes made for someone very special. It is made of African Mahogany and carved from one full piece in three dimension to match a replica to scale perfectly.  This cane was truly a pleasure to create and a challenge to my carving abilities.
Paradise Jewelry Box
This highly ornate Paradise Jewelry box is beautifully crafted from Sapele Mahogany and embellished with brass sea shells. The box depicts a fun and whimsical  beach scene of a sunset, palm tree, scrolling music notes, ocean, a lizard, and waves abound. The boxes custom shaped exterior is also adorned with splashing waves that flow around every side. The interior of the box is fully lined with thick felt and the lid closes magnetically.
Key 2 My Heart Box
The tiny Key 2 My Heart box is made of Cocobolo. The lid top has  a keyhole to unlock your heart and the box stands on three carved feet located in each curve.